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We specialise in helping you reduce your costs and time spent on procurement of printed circuit boards without compromising the quality or delivery of your product.

 ALR Services Ltd is one of the largest PCB suppliers in Europe and is able to boast an enormous spend on printed circuits. This enables us to offer you excellent prices together with superior quality and a service that is second to none.

We take the hassle out of PCB procurement.

We have over 400 customers, placing over 6,000 orders exceeding 1,000,000 PCBs from our partners each year. This enables us to facilitate an excellent Delivery (>97%) and Quality (>99%) Performance, which give our customers real peace of mind.

How can we help you save Money on your PCBs when material costs are rising.

Competitive Pricing

Our successful teams both here and offshore are constantly negotiating and auditing pricing whilst keeping their fingers on the pulse to consistently drive the most competitive cost and quality solution for you.

 Procurement Logistics’ & Delivery

At ALR we do not see ourselves as just a supplier to you, we see ourselves as your PCB procurement, logistics and quality specialist.

 Stock Holding

As a customer of ALR you will enjoy the benefits of our consignment, buffer and kanban purchasing solutions.


Why suffer from a shortage of capacity? Let ALR help you manage your stock levels to ensure you always have the right number of PCBs at the right time irrespective of quantity.

Quality Assurance

Concerned about quality? Our Aerospace approved stringent monitoring systems ensure your products are of the highest quality at the most competitive price.

Technical One Stop Shop

If a PCB can be made we will supply it, from simple PCBs to the most complex of designs at the most competitive price.

Our technical expertise removes restrictions; allowing you to source the most challenging designs with ease, supporting you through the manufacturing process, saving you time and delay.


We have been sourcing PCBs for over 22 years. Our team have over 200 years’ experience in the PCB industry.


With Brexit, sterling to dollar conversions have pushed up the prices in China by almost 20%, we are also seeing increases in the cost of laminate and copper foil, all this has had further impact on the final price of the printed circuit board.

At ALR Services we are consistently hunting for more cost effective quality suppliers and other ways to reduce your costs. So how can we turn this into a positive for you?

There are ways we can reduce the cost of a PCB dependent on the manufacturer and location of the PCB supplier. So rather than price increases we could actually be talking about price decreases.


How can we do this? – Examples as follows

Board Finish

A very significant cost is the board finish; on a 2 layer PCB, Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) can add 15% to the cost of the final board. 2 layer boards typically have less complex components; a cost effective alternative is Lead Free HASL.

If you are taking all boards as Electroless Nickel/ Immersion Gold (ENIG) and you are spending £100,000 on boards, then changing from Immersion Gold to LF HASL could save you £15,000 per year which equates to a 15% saving.

Further additional savings can be made on Multilayers but typically at a lower percentage.

LF HASL is slightly flatter than Leaded HASL and is a direct “drop in” replacement. Typically you will also see an improvement on top of PTH fillet and solderpaste wetting.

Due to the RoHS Directive HASL (SnPb) is no longer a viable PCB finish (unless you are RoHS exempt) however; Lead Free HASL is a drop in replacement and is slightly flatter than Leaded HASL, so if you used Leaded HASL in the past, consider Lead Free HASL, as there are substantial savings to be made if your boards have an immersion gold finish when it may not be essential.

If you match the board finish to the technological requirements of the printed circuit this can create substantial savings in the region of 15% on PTH boards.

 Effective Panelisation

The single highest cost in the production of printed circuits is the PCB laminate therefore, it is very important that we maximise the use of the real estate on the PCB manufacturing panel.

Typically a PCB Manufacturer use’s a 610mm x 457mm with a 10-15mm robber bar leaving a working area of 590mm x 436mm. The mother panel should maximise this working area. Does yours?

We have seen savings of 38% in re-panelisation, how much could we save you?

 Order Quantities

As each PCB design is a custom made product, the lower the quantity the more expensive the board (like for like comparison) therefore, think about ordering in larger quantities and let us manage your stock for you. When quoting small quantities we will send you increased numbers as well where it is more economically viable for you, as sometimes 10 boards can be the same cost as 30 boards or, 600 boards may be only 10% more expensive than 300 boards!

 Cost Reductions – Summary

At ALR Services we see ourselves as an extension of your purchasing department and as such we want to ensure we are presenting you will all the options so you can make an informed decision.

We are here to help YOU increase your bottom line

Contact us so we can make this work for you.


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